Protection Policy for Children & Youth

This document, from Oakmont Baptist Church in Greenville, provides an example of a church protection policy to ensure the safety of children and youth while at church.  This resource is particularly helpful for persons interested in Administration,  Legal, and Personnel issues.   Document: Working With Minors Policy: Oakmont

Things to Consider When Choosing Curriculum

When choosing a curriculum for small groups or Sunday school classes there are many things to consider. Allison Benfield put together this list of questions to ask as you research all your curriculum options. While written specifically with children’s ministry in mind these considerations are helpful regardless of age-group or context.  Document: Curriculum Considerations

Committee Descriptions

Audio-Visual Television Committee Description:  Audio-Visual Television Ministry Baptism Committee Description:  Baptism Committee Building and Grounds Committee Description:  Building and Grounds Committee Christian Formation Committee Description:  Christian Formation Committee Congregational Care Committee Description:  Congregational Care Committee Finance Committee Description:  Finance Committee Flowers and Decorations Committee Description:  Flowers and Decorations Committee History Committee Description:  History Committee Hospitality…