U.S. Immigration System: What Churches Need to Know

In this webinar presented by Anna Cushman, Faith Community Liaison for the American Immigration Lawyers Association, learn how to relate with our neighbors who are struggling to make a new life in our country. Immigration is a polarizing issue in our country and in other countries. This is not a 21st-century issue, Moses was an…

Clergy Spouse Well-Being

Presenter:  Scottie Stamper Being married to a person in the profession of ministry is complicated. The expectations of clergy by congregations, community members, and the institution of the church, both locally and denominationally are high. The family is impacted by financial strain, lack of privacy, the clergy person being available 24 hours daily, and the…

From Awareness to Engagement: How your Church Can Fight Human Trafficking

This webinar is presented by members of the leadership team for the North Carolina Coalition Against Human Trafficking. NCCAHT is a statewide network of nonprofits, agencies and other organizations that work together to fight Human Trafficking in NC. Learn how your church can fight human trafficking in our state and world.  Document presented during the…

Working Through Congregational Conflict

Presenter:  Dr. Andrew Wakefield This webinar, presented by Andrew Wakefield, Dean of Campbell University Divinity School, delves into what leads to congregational conflict and provides steps to resolving these conflicts.  This resource is particularly helpful for persons interested in church leadership, conflict, and change. See below for more resources. Document: Conflict20and20Communication.pdf

How to Have Hard Conversations in Your Church

Presenter:  Chris Gambill and Beth Kennett This webinar ,presented by Chris Gambill and Beth Kennett from the Center for Congregational Health, provides processes and principles to use in order to have healthy congregational conversations about tough topics.  This resource is particularly helpful for persons interested in church leadership, change, and conflict.