Mental Health and the Church

In this session Rev. Andrew Tatum, a clinical mental health chaplain, and Dr. Amanda Price, a clinical psychologist, will offer insight into the landscape of mental health in contemporary American culture, explore the possibility of a theological understanding of mental illness, and offer space to imagine the role of the church in the face of…

Coaching: A Tool to Recalculate the Journey in Post-Pandemic Times

This webinar, led by Daniel Sostaita, is designed to incorporate coaching tools into our ministries for the purpose of being relevant in the communities we serve./ Este taller está diseñado para incorporar herramientas de Coaching en nuestros ministerios con el propósito de ser relevantes en las comunidades que servimos.

Pastoral Leadership in Chaotic Times: A Theological Approach / Liderazgo Pastoral en tiempos Caóticos: Un acercamiento teológico

Leadership has been a constant energy source to empower change, seeking the transformation of thoughts towards new ways of seeing the world. Dr. Nora O. Lozano seeks to explore the implications of leadership in chaotic times from a theological perspective. English subtitles available.

Ministerial Job Review

Presenter: Larry Glover-Wetherington 2016 Gathering March 18, 2016 Hayes Barton, Raleigh This PowerPoint prepared by Larry Glover-Wetherington with Transform Your Ministry supplies churches with a new way of thinking about ministerial job reviews. It also provides practical steps for how a performance analysis approach to ministerial job reviews can be effective in assessing the ministers…

The Pastoral Leader & Money

Presenter:  Bo  Prosser  This webinar, presented by Catalytic Coach & Consultant Bo Prosser, provides ministers the needed tools to recognize how their personal financial situation affects their ministerial leadership. It also presents steps for ministers to take to become more financially stable.  This resource is particularly helpful for persons interested in church administration with regard…

Working Through Congregational Conflict

Presenter:  Dr. Andrew Wakefield This webinar, presented by Andrew Wakefield, Dean of Campbell University Divinity School, delves into what leads to congregational conflict and provides steps to resolving these conflicts.  This resource is particularly helpful for persons interested in church leadership, conflict, and change. See below for more resources. Document: Conflict20and20Communication.pdf

Change, Growth & Renewal in the Church

2017 CBFNC Annual Gathering March 31, 2017 First Baptist Church in Hickory, NC This outline prepared by Martha Kearse, associate minister at St. John’s Baptist Church in Charlotte, provides the steps a congregation should take over the course of a year in having hard conversations that will change and grow the church.  This resource is…