God, Evolution, and the Big Bang—Why I Believe in All Three

This webinar is presented by Rick Matthews, a physics professor at Wake Forest University. News media report attacks on evolution and cosmology by faith leaders countered by attacks on religion by prominent scientists. A physicist shares his perspective on the relationship between science and faith and his befuddlement with the conflict.   The solar system…

The Body of Christ: Racial Reconciliation Curriculum

The CBFNC Racial Reconciliation ministry team produced this five-week racial reconciliation curriculum, “The Body of Christ.” Consider where this curriculum could be presented in your church i.e. staff, Sunday school, small groups, leadership teams, deacons.     Document: The Body of Christ – Racial Reconciliation Curriculum

Things to Consider When Choosing Curriculum

When choosing a curriculum for small groups or Sunday school classes there are many things to consider. Allison Benfield put together this list of questions to ask as you research all your curriculum options. While written specifically with children’s ministry in mind these considerations are helpful regardless of age-group or context.  Document: Curriculum Considerations