5 Best Practices For Your Personnel Committee in 2022

Many aspects of church life have changed in recent years, but certain elements remain crucial to effective governance. For example, an important role within a congregation is a personnel committee or team that supports, oversees, and evaluates individuals professionally engaged by the church. In an effort to assist your church’s personnel committee in 2022, consider…

Protection Policy for Children & Youth

These documents, from CBFNC partner congregations, provide an example of church protection policies to ensure the safety of children and youth while participating in church activities. This resource is particularly helpful for persons interested in Administration, Legal, and Personnel issues.   Document: Working With Minors Policy: Oakmont Protection Policy for Minors and Workers

Maternity/Parental Leave Policies

These are sample maternity/parental policies used by various CBF partner congregations.   Links to articles from BWIM: Maternity Leave for Women Ministers by Amy Shorner-Johnson First Baptist Church of Christ, Macon, GA Hayes Barton Baptist Church, Raleigh, NC Metro Baptist Church, New York Northminster Baptist Church, Jackson, MS Providence Baptist Church, Hendersonville, NC Union Cross…

Permission Forms for Church Activities

These are sample forms used by various CBFNC partner congregations and organizations for children and youth participating in the ministry and events of their church.    Documents: Medical Form – First Baptist of Mount Olive Photo Permission Form – Mountain Grove of Hickory Preschool & Children – Snyder Memorial Release Form Used by Passport Camps